Khadija Muhammad Khan


Khadija Muhammad Khan is the Chief Executive of Pomegranate Seeds. Her passion is to revive antique and traditional embroideries that are indigenous to South Eastern and Central Asian regions. She has over thirty years of experience in making embroidered crafts with her refugee artisans team. Amazingly talented at different embroidery stitches and styles, she has also trained a considerable number of Afghan refugee artisans in different skills. She believes good quality products are a reflection of her cause.

Zubaida Umar


Zubaida Umar is our Designer at PomegranateSeeds. Although a doctorate scholar in Pharmacology she loves creating artful delicacies. Her greatest inspiration is traditional craft and she has an eye for detail. She is gifted when it comes to designing.  

Sitwat e Zahrah


Sitwat e Zahrah is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Medicine but is equally inspired to revive embroidered and handmade crafts that are at the brink of extension. She has learnt the art of weaving herself and passed on her skills to her Afghan refugee artisans. She adores Martin Luther King and cats.

Arsama Ume Aimen

Media and Marketing Manager

Arsama Ume Aymen is the Media and Marketing Manager at Pomegranate Seeds. She is impassioned to build Pomegranate Seeds as a brand that practices sustainable marketing and ethical branding. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations from National Defence University Islamabad and is a staunch believer of the notion “planet and people first”.

Nimra Umar

Finance and Operations Manager

Nimra Umar has two responsibilities at Pomegranate Seeds; ensuring that the company meets it's goals and plans and managing company's funds responsibly. Although the work load does get a little overwhelming sometimes, but she enjoys her position as it enables her to share progressive updates with her team members. She has a post graduate degree in Psychology with combined degree courses such as Statistics, Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management. She firmly believes that we grow while uplifting others.