Our journey began at an exhibition in 2019 in Quetta Pakistan that was being sponsored by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). We worked with our team of women artisans to create and display cushions, bags, table runners and more. The response we received was overwhelming and we won the award for the best stall. Following this, we partnered with MADE51 as a local social enterprise and became a part of their pilot project.
MADE51 is an organization that brings local refugee products to global markets. Already well established in 14 countries, MADE51 has built a good relationship with social enterprises around the world, just like us. The organization helps displaced refugees and encourages them to harness their artistic skills. By doing that, these refugee women are able to be a part of the economy and secure their own financial futures. MADE51 products are handcrafted by women refugees and many of these women have escaped war and hardships. By making these products, these women are able to rebuild their livelihoods and reinstate their independence. The organization creates a way for refugees to preserve their cultures.
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