About Us

The pomegranate, one of the world’s most ancient fruits, is rich in history and symbolism. The fruit stands for many things in different parts of the world but generally, the closely knitted seeds of the fruit are symbolic for prosperity. Humans are like pomegranate seeds, different in size and shape but united by the spirit of humanity. Here, at Pomegranate Seeds, we believe that ‘together we prosper.’


Pomegranate Seeds supports a better way of doing business. There are two building blocks of our brand – economic empowerment and creating an ethical brand. Pomegranate Seeds aims to be a brand that not only provides beautifully handcrafted products to its customers, but also supports the dreams of the Afghan refugee women that create those products. Pomegranate Seeds is a fair-trade business that supports women-only artisans in marginalized communities. Our mission is to provide fair wages and promote a sustainable and community centered environment. Ethically sourced and beautifully handcrafted by our women artisans, our products will green your wardrobe.


Our Mission

Our mission is rooted in the belief that every human has a right to fair wages and safe working conditions. Here, at Pomegranate Seeds, we aim to support marginalized women build sustainable futures for themselves and their families through economic empowerment. Our artisans are Afghan refugee women and those women who have escaped war and experienced hardships. Our mission is to provide them with a dignified source of income. Our products are a means for these women to tell their story. Pomegranate Seeds gives refugee women an opportunity to harness their creative skills and get back on their feet.


Our Story

Sustainable fashion and creating an informed consumer are two principles that are unfamiliar in Pakistan. Pomegranate Seeds supports these ideas, and we, as an organization, are working to green your wardrobe.

Pomegranate Seeds was created in January 2020. The province of Baluchistan contains immense untapped potential and our team is working to exploit this artistic potential. We understand the importance of local talent and cultural preservation, which is why our team of women-only artisans are the heart and soul of our organization. Pomegranate Seeds supports these women, and we are helping them secure their financial futures.

In Baluchistan, embroidery has its own cultural history, and it is the embodiment of tradition in Pakistan. Pomegranate Seeds aims to keep antique embroidery techniques alive. Our apparel, accessories and home decor make use of unique techniques such as Suzani, Taar Kashi, Khotro, Teke and more. The passion needed to recreate and preserve this form of art is harnessed here at Pomegranate Seeds. We create timeless pieces for your home and wardrobe that keep giving back to the community. Each product has its own story. Each product is made by a woman who has fought to become the woman she is today. By creating these products, these women are able to reinvent themselves. By purchasing these products, you are supporting our culture and helping these women gain a livelihood.


Our Process

Because of the nature of our work, we do not believe in a fixed working process. Our women artisans are from underrepresented communities. They live in communities with strict patriarchal norms and they have a number of responsibilities, which includes taking care of their home and children. Therefore, it is difficult for them to have a regular nine-to-five job. To cater to this need, we do not have any specific working hours. When creating a product, we sketch the designs and transfer the pattern on to a piece of fabric. After finalizing the colors, we meet with our team of women-only artisans and discuss the embroidery techniques and how much time they will require to complete the process. We believe in creating quality pieces which is why we do not compromise on the work. Hand embroidery is time consuming and it requires patience – that is how we plan our deadlines. By working with us, these women are able to earn for their families without leaving their homes. They are getting a monthly salary for embroidery which is a new concept to them – and one they are extremely happy about.